Throughout its long, remarkable history, the goal of RFI has always been to produce the finest products and provide the greatest value to our customers. It has become one of Colorado’s premier recycling organizations, utilizing materials that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste, turning trash into reusable materials. From its humble beginnings as a family farm in Weld County, Colorado in the 1880’s, it has grown into a multifaceted organization employing over 200 team members.

In 1977, Wes Moser & Sons added a semi-truck and trailer to their business equipment to enable them to transport sawmill byproducts from the Colorado mountains to turkey farms to serve as bedding material. This venture grew through the years to a fleet of trucks, hauling a variety of landscape and animal-bedding products to a growing list of customers. Recognizing the value of recycling the byproducts of wood-product companies, RFI became a pioneer in recycling.

What Makes RFI Different

We Invest in Our Equipment

We own and maintain our equipment by employing skilled full-time mechanics using computerized systems that flag and track maintenance date. This investment and attention to detail helps ensure that RFI’s resources operate in a safe and efficient manner.

We Blend Premium Soils & Mulches

When you have the ability to control every step of the process from raw material to end result you can guarantee quality. RFI produces and controls all the material that goes into creating our soils and mulches. Employing state of the art technology, managing the curing and blending process, and creating formulas that are unique to RFI we are able to consistently produce top quality products. Our production manager and his staff know exactly how to create products that provide the best results for their intended use.
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We Have Experience

Experience and commitment are cornerstones of being able to consistently perform at a professional level. Our expertise in transportation, agriculture, and quality products is a result of hiring and retaining skilled people in their specialty field. Attention to detail in every area results in RFI being able to provide consistently high quality products accompanied with exemplary service. The right people with the right experience and training results in a good experience for you, our customer.

We’re Based in Colorado

As a Colorado-owned and headquartered company we are committed to the success of the community. Our history and experience has given us a true understanding of the culture and expectations of the companies and people we service. Being located in Colorado enables us to respond to the transportation needs of the entire mountain west area in a timely and efficient manner.



We blend our own soils and mulch, so we have the best mulch and soil in Colorado.


We’ve been serving Colorado for more than two decades.


We’re local and have a vested in interest in Colorado’s resources and the companies that drive our economy.


We own and maintain our own equipment to make it last and perform at its best.

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