“You have 3 fantastic employees working for you. They have been very helpful to me in the past and I am looking forward to their help in the future. They are not only knowledge- able,but they are courteous and respectful. Not only is safety a priority, but they also display excellent customer service skills.”

Gary Berglur
Gary’s Landscape Maintenance, Inc

“Providing best in class hydraulic fracturing services on location requires best in class supply chain partners to support that effort. The Eaton transload operation is exactly that. In their first year of operation, Lee and the team played a huge role in what was record year for Liberty in the DJ Basin at almost 500,000 tons of sand pumped. The level of service was always excellent and quality control was never sacrificed despite the high activity levels. We look forward to a long partnership at Eaton.”

Ron Gusek
VP Technology & Development
Liberty Oilfield Services



We blend our own soils and mulch, so we have the best mulch and soil in Colorado.


We’ve been serving Colorado for more than two decades.


We’re local and have a vested in interest in Colorado’s resources and the companies that drive our economy.


We own and maintain our own equipment to make it last and perform at its best.

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