SOLUTIONS FOR Farming & Agriculture

Give your crops and animals the best materials for growth

Over 50 years of farming experience gives us a true understanding of the challenges facing agriculture.  Our commitment to the environment and humane treatment of livestock continue to be guiding principles.  Throughout our history, we have worked hard to develop procedures and a team that support the ag community in the way they deserve.

What can RFI do for the Farming & Agriculture industry?

Rich Compost

Rich Compost

With a dairy farm and over 500 dairy cows, we’re able to source and produce the best compost and soil mixtures in northern Colorado. We have two compost sites in Stromo and Morwai where we blend and distribute compost to customers across Colorado.

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Animal Bedding Products

Animal Bedding Products

We know what it takes to provide humane treatment to livestock. Whether you raise chickens, cows or llamas, we can supply the bedding for healthy and happy animals.

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We blend our own soils and mulch, so we have the best mulch and soil in Colorado.


We’ve been serving Colorado for more than two decades.


We’re local and have a vested in interest in Colorado’s resources and the companies that drive our economy.


We own and maintain our own equipment to make it last and perform at its best.

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